Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Feddie School Life...

Being a Feddy Girl and living the Feddy school life is not as easy as one may envision. In truth, you need to have lived the life in order to fully understand what it entails.

You see, Feddy Girls always need to "represent." And by this, I mean to always portray the full potential of their Feddiness at all times.

Every Feddy Girl understands this.

"Aren't Federal schools just like any other boarding school?" you ask in a perplexed manner, peering at me with those cute eyes of yours.

Of course not! Feddy Girls are different, distinct in their manner, choice of attire, way of speaking, and general comportment. At least the female students of Nigerian Federal schools are.

The thing is, Feddy Girls take pride in who they are; always seeing the best in themselves--an attitude that lasts well after they leave the boarding school, I must say.

And so goes the saying: Once a Feddy Girl, always a Feddy Girl. 

"So what makes Feddy Girls so different?" You ask this question while considering whether to sit or stand, not knowing if my argument holds water.

Well, I'll let you be the judge of that. But first, you gotta hear me out. Deal?

Okay, here we go...

1. School Uniforms

All Nigerian Secondary Schools require their students be unified by a uniform that serves as a signature or symbol of the schools primary colors, which also helps identify students of the school anywhere at any given time.

Now, a school can choose the primary uniform colors of say, White Blouse and Black Skirt, and one would expect the finished look to appear as shown in these photos:

"Right," you agree. "That's what I'd certainly expect of a school uniform."


But, you see, even though the above is what is expected, it's definitely not what you'd get from a Feddy Girl.

Because students are allowed to make their own uniforms at home, what they'd finally come up with will still be the same "Black Skirt and White Blouse" stipulated by the school, only instead of drab and dowdy, the Feddie Girls would spice things up a bit.
The final outcome would be something you'll swear you've seen on a mannequin posed behind a dress-shop window somewhere. Just like in the photo below:

Lol!!! Okay, I exaggerated a little, but lose the high-heels, belt, and handbags and you'll arrive at the final picture. Or may be... Oh well, you get the idea. Moving on.

2. School Day-Wear

Just like the uniforms, every boarding school also issues day-wears to student boarders, and stipulates the color, design, cloth material, etc, that goes into making them. Some schools even base the colors for the day-wears on the colors of the school houses or dormitories the students belong to.

"Fine," you retort. "I can see how that makes sense." You finally decide I have a point to my whole Feddy angle and take a seat.

"Left over pizza's in the refrigerator," I inform you, before getting back to the gist.

Okay, where most boarding school students are made to trot around in a boring one-color check material, Feddy Girls, on the other hand, get to sample fashionable day-wears. Truth be known, same design is supposed to be the norm in any boarding school, but who pays attention to day-wear rules?

Certainly not Feddy Girls!

The day-wear designs many Feddy Girls return to school with will definitely pop your eyes out.
The ones with pretty legs make the skirts short.
Those with nice figures make the bodice clingy.
Tall girls introduce a split down the front, back, side, you name it--basically anywhere on the skirt that'll allow maximum showcasing of their long limbs as they glide about.
As for the busty girls--oh, jeez!--let's not even go there. Thank you!

At the end of the day, whereas the "issued day-wear design" is supposed to look like a grand-mother nightgown made entirely out of checkered material, what you'd get from a typical Feddy Girl will look as in photos below:

Cute, right? Told you so. Feddy Girls are just amazing. Lol!

"Carlotta, is that you in the photo?" you ask, all wide-eyed with awe. "Long, curly, brown hair; blue blouse for your House color; preening in front of a mirror?"

"Yeah, right... You wish!" I smile impishly and refuse to say anything more on the subject. Moving on.

"Hey, Carly, do I hear your mom calling?" you say, giving me a pointed look. 

Er... Oh yeah, it's almost dinner time. I totally forgot. Guess I'll pick up this gist next time with Feddy Girls and foot wears, so stick around.

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Lotta Luv,