Friday, November 27, 2009

FEDDIE GIRL: A Review by Wendy Hines

Posted by Wendy Hines to the blog site "Wendy's Minding Spot"

... FEDDIE GIRL is an adventure that will have you laughing until tears roll down your face, gasping in shock, or shaking your head back and forth, unbelieving what is happening.
It's an adventure you won't want to miss. I really enjoyed watching Carlotta mature and learing about how boarding school operates in another country. I had some trouble with the Nigerian dialect, but it leads credence to the story.
The ending leads one to believe there is a sequel, and I certainly hope there is!
Character building, world development, and seamless writing have Nona David on the path straight to the top.
I really enjoyed myself.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jill Page's Review of Feddie Girl

Feddie Girl by Nona David Review:

Posted by Jill Page to the blog site "Frugal Plus"

Carlotta Ikedi being a thirteen-year-old teenage girl, that should be a tell-all right there! Can you say rebellious and frustrated inside?
You will find out that a lot of it stems from her home life. Her father, a prominent doctor going through several crises of his own, and her mother, a college professor with little time for Carlotta, and add to that a not-so recovering alcoholic. Her father is at the end of his rope with Carlotta and ships her off to a Nigerian boarding school.

It is interesting to learn of the different cultures and behaviors, especially of teens. However, you will find there are more similarities than realized. Feddie Girl is a bit of a heavier read than I expected due to the author’s syntax. However, it does have an amusing side to the story (as long as Carlotta isn’t your teen to deal with) As a mother, I had to throw that in there :giggle The colorful characters will keep you turning the pages, and I enjoyed the very fitting ending.

Stay tuned as there is another Novel due out that follows a parallel story of one of the characters in Feddie Girl!

A Special Thanks goes out to Joan over at Bernard Books Publishing for the opportunity to take a peek into those turbulent teen years within a different culture!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review of FEDDIE GIRL (by Evie Alexis)

Review for Nona David's FEDDIE GIRL

Posted by Evie Alexis to the blog site "Long Live Chick Lit"

“The Hilarious Adventures of an American Teen in a Nigerian Federal School,” is the summary provided for the readers at the bottom of Feddie Girl’s eye-catching cover. The humor was more dark than lighthearted, and at times the book had a tragic feel.

Carlotta Ikedi is a thirteen-year-old girl suffering from teenage rebellion. While that scenario is practically typical of every American teen - poor, middle-class or otherwise - Carlotta seems to suffer from teenage punkitis to a greater degree. Right from the story’s onset we find the heroine up to no good, cutting class and smoking a joint with a group one could not classify as friends; her vocabulary would make a drunken sailor blush.

Carlotta’s father, a prominent doctor going through several crises of his own, is fed up with his daughter’s bad-ass attitude and ships her off to Nigeria. Her mother is a college professor and a recovering alcoholic who has found her way back to the bottle. She readily complies to Dr. Ikedi’s forceful plan. Can we wonder at the young girl’s rage and lack of discipline?

Nona David has created a well-written and entertaining work of fiction, with the story taking wild and complicated turns. The readers are transported from Carlotta’s hell-on-Earth during her time at the boarding school, to Richard Ikedi’s entanglements with the mob, to Shelley Ikedi’s very bad life choices. This is a very dysfunctional, broken family, each separated by more than just mileage.

Feddie Girl is categorized as Women’s Fiction/Adventure. This reviewer found herself pulled in more by the sub-plots than the central focus which was of Carlotta’s plight. Perhaps older female readers may find themselves doing the same as that is the target audience whom the book is aimed at.

Overall, Feddie Girl was unique with its multicultural blend, offering many readers a glimpse of another world many would rarely see. While not the light romp expected, it definitely provided insight into the teenage mind.

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