Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't you love 'em Lagos street-hawkers?

Got bread???

Street hawking in Lagos. What a unique experience! Where else on this earth can one afford prompt service coupled with freedom of choice and the chance to compare, contrast, and haggle prices of goods and services with vendors, and totally feel like a celebrity?

Not in a million cities. Only in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yeah, that's right. I totally said it. What you gonna do? Drag my white tush to Kiri-Kiri prison?

Anyone who's ever been to Lagos, even for one day, totally knows the chant of the street-hawkers:

Bread-dy Agege o!

Ewa Agoyin, o wa o!

Buy pure-water!

Ewedu re!

Coke! Fanta!! Sprite!!!

Guguru ati ekpa!

Hot Moin-moin!

Akara, Kpoff-kpoff, Chin-chin!!!

Guinea-fowl eggs!

Dodo! Boole!

It goes on and on and never ends, one street hawker--flat metal tray balanced on his/her head--after another, selling edible goodies from dawn till dusk.

Who can resist their call? No one! That's why their service is so world-famous.

Indigens say Lagos is for the active and highly energetic individuals. Yeah, right!

Ironically, the lazy and sedentary thrive well in Lagos too. Basically, the street-hawkers live for these people. All one needs to do is drag oneself outta bed and go camp in front of the gate to ones home. All the stuff you need for the day will pass by you in the space of thirty-five minutes. From bath soap to toothbrush and toothpaste. From hot tea and freshly baked bread to heavy meals, snacks, and soft drinks. Hell, you can even make a phone call with a rented cell phone! What more can one ask for?

And to totally cap it all, stuffs are hawked in convenient quantities. You need just two slices of bread for a sandwich? No problem! the street-hawkers will totally sell just two slices. Lol! You only need a squeeze of toothpaste? Not an issue! You only wanna purchase just three tablespoons of hot cocoa and a dash of milk for your morning drink? Sure, they're totally up for it! You need a handful of detergent for your laundry? Okey-dokie, one handful of 'super-blue omo' is measured and priced accordingly. Lol!!!

One favorite theory of mine is that many Europeans are in the wrong country--especially the heavy and lazy ones. Oh yeah? What other city encourages the sedentary lifestyle in humans more than Lagos? Imagine a city where sloth and bumming around is totally acceptable. Vendors bring everything you ever wish for to your doorstep, enabling you to just sit right there on your backside while you lose weight and acquire a long-lasting tan without much trouble. Lol!!!

Oh and it doesn't end with just hanging outside your gate. While riding in vehicles you can totally buy stuff off the streets too. Who says you gotta stop and exit your vehicle? Nope. No need to bother your precious self. The street-hawkers totally get it. They already anticipate your needs and will rush their wares to your car window. Don't worry, they are adept at chasing after your car even in the heaviest of traffic. Some of them can totally keep pace with a vehicle moving at 30 kilometers per hour. Amazing, huh?


While in a car, please, the last thing you wanna do is push your head outta your window and yell, "Bread!" Lol!!! The next thing you're gonna know, many different kinds of bread are so gonna be shoved in your face. Large loaves, small loaves, dark-chocolate, white, wheat, mixed, milky, sliced, heavy--name it, you got it!

So basically, you now get the idea, right? Hey? You still with me?

I steal a look at your face and realize you're totally fast asleep.

I've been totally rambling to myself for the last hour. Fat luck!

I'll be back with more!

Lotta Luv,


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  1. lol yea that is lagos for you.. You have a feel of how celebs are treated..

    okay we will be expecting more

  2. @ BSNC
    Lol! Lagos is just like no other city, right?
    Thanks a lot for following :)

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  3. Ugochi Anadu (Houston, TX)April 22, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    This blog is just like a breath of fresh air. I can't wait for more.

    Thanks to my friend, Lola, who invited me...
    Keep up, girl. This is amazing!

    I luv these blogs. Please keep them coming. Lol!!!!!

  5. Apt description.. with a slight dose of exaggeration..

    Gotta luv it though!

  6. @ Ugochi,
    Thanks so much my dear, I am basking in your compliments :) Please, do drop by again.
    My regards to your friend, Lola.

  7. @Ifeoma,
    LOL! Thanks for dropping by again. Wish you the best...

  8. @ Rocnaija,
    Lol! So you know the game quite well... can't blame a firl for tryin' now, would ya?
    Thanks for reading through and leaving a line...
    I'm so honored and flattered... :)
    Hope to see you again!

  9. Not a problem.. You're on my blog roll.. so I'l know when you update!


  10. @ Rocnaija,
    You betcha! Thanks!

  11. Hmmn, may I just tell you something, not a lot of people know this but.... Eko is actually the Yoruba name for Lagos Island, as opposed to the whole of Lagos itself. Native Islanders would never refer to the whole state as 'Eko' but since, Eko is the historical centre of Lagos, the name has been adopted for the whole state.

    I am digging your blog, I wanna see how a foreigner looks at my city, it'd be a thrill to read the things you discover.


  12. @ L-Vii

    *Smiles* You really love your city don't you? As regards the Lagos island being originally known as 'Eko', you're right about that of course!
    I just thought it would be easier to go with the general consensus.
    I'm flattered you think well of my blog. Hope to see you come by again.


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