Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, here we go...

All right! All right!!!

I get it now.

Many of you wish to read the novel within the same period in different countries. No different availability dates, no favoritism, etc, etc.

Okey-dokie. So the new dates for release of advance copies of the novel has been shifted to September, 2009.

Those of you who reserved an advance copy and have been waiting since April of 2009, we apologize for the delay–but the majority has spoken. Due to the avalanche of petitions we received in the last several weeks requesting that we postpone the deadline for advance copy reservation as well as synchronize the dates for availability in different countries, we have come up with a solution.

Bernard Books Publishing is therefore pleased to announce that the availability for advance copies of FEDDIE GIRL, the international adventure/thriller by Nona David will be as follows:

Nigeria: September 28th 2009

UK: September 28th 2009

USA: September 28th 2009

This way, everyone in the above countries will the opportunity to read the novel within the same time frame. Hope we are all happy now. However, advance copies will be by reservation only. And reservations can only be placed via the Bernard Books website. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE

Yeah, I know you’re smiling now…

It’s all right, ‘cos I’m happy when you are. :)

Lotta Luv,

Carlotta (A.k.a Feddie Girl)

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