Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jill Page's Review of Feddie Girl

Feddie Girl by Nona David Review:

Posted by Jill Page to the blog site "Frugal Plus"

Carlotta Ikedi being a thirteen-year-old teenage girl, that should be a tell-all right there! Can you say rebellious and frustrated inside?
You will find out that a lot of it stems from her home life. Her father, a prominent doctor going through several crises of his own, and her mother, a college professor with little time for Carlotta, and add to that a not-so recovering alcoholic. Her father is at the end of his rope with Carlotta and ships her off to a Nigerian boarding school.

It is interesting to learn of the different cultures and behaviors, especially of teens. However, you will find there are more similarities than realized. Feddie Girl is a bit of a heavier read than I expected due to the author’s syntax. However, it does have an amusing side to the story (as long as Carlotta isn’t your teen to deal with) As a mother, I had to throw that in there :giggle The colorful characters will keep you turning the pages, and I enjoyed the very fitting ending.

Stay tuned as there is another Novel due out that follows a parallel story of one of the characters in Feddie Girl!

A Special Thanks goes out to Joan over at Bernard Books Publishing for the opportunity to take a peek into those turbulent teen years within a different culture!

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  1. if the girl is a nigerian..why is there a white girl on the cover?

  2. The character is American. The title of the book is "FEDDIE GIRL: The Hiliarious Adventures of an American Teen in a Nigerian Federal School."

  3. This is a wonderful review...
    I have also read the book, and the girl is white American just like on the cover.
    I am an ex-feddy babe and there were many white students (foreigners) like that in my school.
    The novel is awesome... Evryone should read it!!!!

  4. i just found out about this! I TOTALLY have to get me a copy..the excerpt was funny!

  5. Thanks a lot. Copies are available on and via the publisher's site.

    Other links are provided in the main post :)


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