Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feddie Girl — Review by Cindy Chan

Posted by Cindy Chan to the blog site "I Love Book Gossip"

The moment I received this book, I dove right into it. The writing is well formed and the plot is very unique. I enjoyed reading this book very much.
The main character starts to grow on you and her progression grows as the book does. It was very interesting to see what Carlotta saw in the different culture and how she adapted to them. What was interesting to me was that, the author was able to show us a family that was ordinary but with there inner issues. You have the parent who doesn't have time for their child, and you have the child who isn't so perfect.
Overall, the author was able to capture what a real family looks like in present day. Also, the education in West Africa really captured my attention. The schooling is a bit different from education in America.
If you enjoy woman's fiction with a touch of adventure, then you would love Feddie Girl.

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