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Life as a Feddy Girl

This is the continuation of an older post:

You know, just between you, me, and the gist in the "Feddie Girl" novel, the girls in this picture could have been Senior Zika (my bunkie), Senior Shade (my bunkie's friend), and Senior Anita (my dormitory prefect). Aren't they such darlings?

You think the fourth girl could have been me, with the grinning teeth and cute freckles?

You wish! Haha...

Jeez! Was I bestowed with this many freckles in the novel? Oh, well... 

Hey, guess what you get when you're thirteen? Freckles! Lol!

All right, back to the gist.

So we have successfully established a couple of things about Feddy Girls:

1. Living the Feddy life involves a lot of spunk and hard work.

2. Feddy Girls are a unique make of ladies who take pride in themselves, and would jump through hoops to maintain their Feddy status.

You know, right from the first day I stepped foot in a Nigerian Federal School (reluctantly, at first), I've always wondered what it really meant to be a "Feddy Girl." After spending several weeks in the dormitory of  a Feddy School, surrounded by many other female students, the realization suddenly hit me:


That's it! The ultimate aim of any Feddy Girl is to be set apart in the midst of other females. I realized early on that this was a thing of status. To be regarded as a Feddy Girl is a highly-regarded status earned by hard work, ingenuity, dedication, and merit. It starts, first of all, with being enrolled in a Nigerian Federal School, definitely, but involves a whole lot more.

You would expect, of course, for all students enrolled within a given school at a certain period of time to look, act, or speak alike in a broad sense per se, right? Sure! But this is hardly the case with students enrolled in Feddy schools. You see, it's all about uniqueness. Feddy Girls are generally alike, yes, but at the same time, they are really very unique in their own individual way. That, in my ultimate understanding, is what truly earns them the prestige of being Feddy Girls.

Please don't grill me on how many months of critical observation it took to arrive at this eureka-like conclusion. Lol! But, think about it. You'll know I'm right.

Okay, so ask yourself, "What makes a female student enrolled in a Nigerian Federal school a Feddy Girl?"

Here's an idea...

Imagine you're a student about to return to boarding school after the long holidays, and you need to equip yourself with a pair of school sandals. Brown, flat sandals is the norm for all secondary schools in Nigeria, isn't it? Okay, so what you and most other students would surely look like something depicted below:

So, you think a Feddy Girl would return to school with feet encased in these kind of sandals? Uh-uh, not Feddy Girls. What you have above does not quite capture the Feddy spirit--every Feddy Girl knows that. So, instead of the above, be prepared to be wowed by the creative shopping spirit Feddy Girls are endowed with. Take a look a the sandals below:

Ahah! Now we're talking! ...Ehm, forgive the Ahah! expression, thought I'd borrow it from my form master ;) You know the likes of him--teachers who like to give same expression every couple of sentences. Mr. Dubem's his name, and he's a nice guy, really, even with the lazy eye, lack of height, and Ahah! thingy. Lol!

Anyway, I believe you're now getting my drift about the uniqueness of Feddy Girls.

Another idea...

How about foot slippers to complement those interesting-looking day-wears we talked about in the last blog, huh? If you think any Feddy Girl will allow her feet be caught in any flip-flop looking like what's in the picture below, you definitely need to start churning out more thoughts.

The flip-flops above are a definite no-no to Feddy Girls. Gosh, get a load of the flower-patterned print, and the stripped ones hanging from a clothesline... Lol! Not that there's anything wrong with them. It's just that they're not quite suited to the taste of Feddy Girls--far from it, actually.
What Feddy Girls would rather strut around the dormitories in will certainly look more like what's in the picture below:

And the more daring Feddy Girls will definitely have the audacity to tout something like the ones given below around the dormitory.

These slippers, of course, would have set them back some serious cash, but hey, who cares; so long as it represents, right? Yup, right!
Seriously, I really do know a senior student who returned to school with something like the one in the last picture above. Totally! Lol!

Okay, so that almost completes the boarding school attire: School uniforms, day-wears, school sandals, and dormitory slippers. So how about we pick this up next time with games-wear?
Yeah, you know, games-wear--the outfit for gym and sports? How creative do you think Feddy Girls are with that?

Just stick around to find out.

...And don't miss grabbing a copy of the Feddie Girl novel by Nona David. Available at and from the publisher: Bernard Books Publishing

The novel is also available in Nigeria. See for details of where/how to purchase a copy.

Feddie Girl Book 2 also coming soon! Stay tuned.

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  1. Funny but somewhat true. I'm not a Feddy girl but we did a lot of the same. You weren't "it" if you didn't go the extra

  2. Hi Folake, thanks for stopping by. I guess it's all the same with boarding school students. You're definitely right about 'going the extra mile.' Lol!

    You bet!

  3. Very where can i get it to buy within Lagos? preferably Island area?..weldone, i enjoyed reading the 6 pages sample

  4. just finished reading feddie girl few hours ago & it's a wow! wow!...worth every kobo i paid for it!..enjoyed the classroom scenes, was so funny,.. can't wait to read part 2!...weldone!


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