Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Senior Chidi, what have you got with me?

While in boarding school, ever been in the situation where you feel like a senior girl is totally out to get you and deal with you? It's like, whatever you do, you always end-up in trouble with the same senior girl?

Yeah, I've totally been there. In my case, her name is Senior Chidinma, and she also happens to be the house prefect of my house.

The first time I met her, I knew there was just something about her that wasn't right. Don't get me wrong, she's not sick in the head or anything like that. It's just that she's -- weird. Kinda sinister internally. I mean, she looks okay, very pretty on the outside, but I'm sure if you were to take a knife to her chest, you'll probably be looking at a black stone embedded right there in place of a heart.


I'm not gonna be all righteous and pretend like I've never had my share of wickedness as a kid, believe me, I have. But Senior Chidinma's attitude takes wickedness to a whole new level. Maybe it's just me who see her that way. The first time I looked into her eyes, I felt chills creep up my back. The girl has no eyes. What she has are marbles. Cold black marbles.

Needless to say, my path crossed hers a few times, and it was from her I learned there were ways to deal with someone without laying a finger on them. If you've ever knelt on the rough ground for three straight hours with your arms extended at ninety degree angles on either side of you, then you'd get what I'm saying. Imagine! Before boarding school, the meanest punishment I'd ever been given was being grounded for two weeks. So, go figure.

Senior Chidi always seemed to materialize each time I do something wrong. I don't know how she totally does that. She just sorta -- appears. Just like that! Whoooo!!! And she's not one to ease-off on the punishments. You should see her meting them out. It's like her favorite pastimes are assigning morning duties and ordering students about before Saturday morning inspections. Well, I guess that's why she was made the house prefect. Kudos to her! Bummer for us!

So one evening, I was leaving the dining hall with my friend, on our way to class for night prep. It wasn't actually time for prep, we still had a few minutes before the bell was supposed to go off. So my friend and I kinda dawdled for a while, you know, just bonding and talking about stuff. Then all of sudden, what did I hear?

"Feddie Girl, come here!"

I turn around and what do you know? Senior Chidi was a little way ahead, glaring at me with those black marbles. I swallowed down the creeping chills, dismissed my friend and start to make my way to her.

"Start running!" she ordered.

There was only a few feet separating us. Why should I run, when I can cover the distance as quickly in a few long strides. So, I quickened my steps and got to her in like three seconds. Guess what she said?

"Go back to where you were and run from there to here!"

Seriously? Is she kidding? Well, I guess not, cos she made me repeat the whole process like a dozen times before she was satisfied. By then, I was already a slobbering panting mess. I also puked all the dinner I ate that evening. You'd think she would stop there won't you?

No way! Not Senior Chidinma.

She made me kneel for an hour and a half with a heavy book on my head. Then she made me scrub half a dozen bathrooms until they shone and sparkled. That's not all. The next afternoon she made me clean several pots and sweep several classrooms. By the time the punishment was over, I was ready to pack my bags and call it quits.

So, please, remind me again. What was it I did to merit the punishment in the first place?

Senior Chidi, what have you got with me?

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  1. Lord have mercy, that is not wickedness o. She is just plain evil. i am sure she is related to the devil in one way or the other.

    I had my fair share from those seniors in boarding school, but yours was just uncalled for. haba...

  2. Lol.. for some reason this cracked me up..

  3. @BSNC, You went through something like this too? It's crazy. I don't get it. Why are some senior students like that? A friend of my bunkmate sadi it's because they were also treated badly when they were juniuor students, so now, they just wanna get even.
    SMOG (Save Me Oh God) Lol!

  4. @rocnaija, Lol! Yeah, look back now I also laugh my heart out. It was kinda funny. And to think I almost split cos of that. hahahaha!

  5. oh my days that's crazy. We had wicked seniors too but not like that, that was so sadistic!

  6. Yes oh! I can see this happening. Some senior girls were really that wicked and demonic when I was a junior student. It got so bad that we would cry andhuddle in class and swear for them. There is this particular one I remember that seriously dealt with me. She said I misplaced her bowl when in truth, I didn't. Gosh, she so punished me. It got so bad that the case was taken up to the school principal and she almost got suspended.
    I don't know why some students think wickedness is the best way to show their power or authority, or whatever.
    @Feddie Girl, sorry you had to meet one of those types. Hopefull she is in SS3 and would soon pass out. But believe me, once you get to JS3 or SS1, the sufferings will ease and you will be the one on top with other junior students looking up to you. So engoy the experience while you can because, you will come to laugh it off someday.

  7. It is more than enough to ask her o! But some people are just mean like that. She was probably frustrated and used you as a means to pour out her frustration.

  8. @Miss Natural, Lol! She sure is sadistic.

    @Ifeoma, Luckily for the junior girls, she will be graduating soon. Lol!

    @Tairebabs, Right! Frustration must be it but why me? Lol!


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