Friday, May 29, 2009

Remember old boarding school songs?

Boarding school holds some bittersweet memories for most of us. Yet there were some students who just couldn’t bear the strain and bailed-out after their first term, or first year, or even after three years.
For those die-hards who endured the rigors and pains of boarding school life for six whole years, I defer to you! Trust me, it’s not an easy feat to achieve. Sometimes when the going gets tough, students resort to pouring their sorrows into songs. It sorta helps lighten the burden and ease the heart.
There are some songs that no matter where you are, they just remind you of boarding school.
Like this one that is mainly sung when students are running low on supplies:

My dear mother;
I am very sorry;
For writing this letter;
Please buy me sugar, and butter, and bournvita.

There is this one for when SS3 students are ready to graduate:

Everyday senior, senior; Everyday senior, senior;
Senior don’t forget us, your junior ones are crying;
Senior don’t forget us, your junior ones are weeping;
We don’t know what to do, We don’t know what to do;
It is a pity and very painful that our seniors are leaving us;
We don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to do.

Also, an old one, but I’m not sure which school is it’s source, but we sure did sing it a lot:

Booze garri, Booze garri;
In the house;
Add some sugar;
Add some milk;
Add some water;
Garri in the morning, afternoon and night;
Garri gives you energy, makes you feel all right;
Booze garri!

There is this other one that comes with several variations:

Give me a heartbeat: Mm-mm!
Give me a sneeze: At-choo!
Give me a cough: U-huh, u-huh!
All together: Mm-mm, at-choo, u-huh u-huh!
Give it to me one more time: At-choo, u-huh, mm-mm!

There must be many more, so if you remember any, please feel free to post it here. Thanks!
Let’s keep the torch burning high and bright, for there’s no other experience like that of boarding school life.

Lotta Luv,

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  1. lol, i dont know any of these songs oh......maybe my school was too rural ,lol

  2. lol i know the at choo one..

    i ll come bac when i think of one.

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!
    I remember the Bonze ans gemmie a heart beat one.
    it wasn't just the songs, the slangs too.......

    That letter to mum for more provs was

    It's amazing we survived all that at such tender age.

  4. @jobs for Nigeria,
    No, I'm sure your school was okay. It's juts that different schools sing different songs. Lol!

  5. @BSNC,
    Lol! That one is quite a classic. Many ex-boarding school students remember it.

  6. @~Sirius~,
    Yeah, it's pretty amazing how we survived. It wasn't all fun, there were tough times too. Some days, during the holidays, you wake up and remember you gotta go back to boarding school soon, and you just feel like running away. Lol!


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