Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everything's not what it seems -- Richard Ikedi

I am Richard Ikedi, a medical professional, and also a loving father to my little girl Carlotta (A.k.a Feddie Girl).

 Am I a loving and faithful husband? You decide.

In the recent novel Feddie Girl by Nona David, I was portrayed as a notorious womanizer, one who could hardly ever keep his pants zipped up. Yeah, right...

But did I really do anything wrong? You decide.

You see, it's all a matter of perspective and personal judgment. The fact that one chooses not to discuss certain marital topics with one's spouse hardly makes one unfaithful, does it? You tell me.
How then can I be labeled "The Unfaithful Husband" if there's no physical proof that I had any intimate relations with a woman other than my loving wife?

Let's take Tiger Woods for example, a fellow multicultural and married guy just like myself. Would you label him "unfaithful" before you had enough physical evidence? Hardly.

Well then, why me?  

'Cause my wife (Shelley) says so?

Very well then, you tell me: Is Shelley really the angel she's been making herself out to be? See what I mean? Who is the actual victim here? Me, or my wife?

One of the good things my profession as a physician has taught me is that life is not always mapped out in white or black. Sometimes we get shades of gray here and there. Whether you decide to see a shade of grey as white or black totally depends on you.

Sometimes, we, as human beings, see things that are not there. We force ourselves to read complex meanings into the simplest of things. We burden our marriages with a lot of what-ifs so much so that we fail to see that which is genuine and borne out of love.

However, no matter what stand we take concerning life's gray areas, we should always remember that everything is not what it seems. 

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