Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fela: I throway salute!!!

Salute to the master; Bow to the king!

I've never met a Nigerian who doesn't know who Fela was. I say 'was' cos Fela passed on several years ago, but his legacy still lives on--in the hearts and minds of his fans.

"Who is Fela?" you ask, your mind already going through the list of famous artists you're familiar with.

Fela is a legend. An artist who's famous for not just his music, but the meanings behind every word he sings. To understand Fela and what goes on in his mind, you gotta go right back--back to the deep-rooted culture of his people.

You give me that 'what the heck are you talking about?' look.

I ignore you and shake my head in pity. Unless you've lived in Nigeria and seen things for yourself, you'll probably never get why Fela means so much to those who are lucky to have had the pleasure of his entertainment/teaching.

Abruptly you ask, "What makes Fela's music so famous?" Your mind is already browsing through the 'rock and roll' legends you've been opportuned to know: The Beatles, Kiss, Rolling Stone, Steely Dan, James Gang, Jonas Brothers(?) Lol!!!

Well, I totally can't capture the true essence of Fela Kuti and what his music means to Nigerians and many Africans at large. What I can do, is give his dedicated fans a chance to speak from their hearts and tell you exactly what it is they root about Fela's songs.

So, all you Nigerians out there, if you're a true fan of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, tell us why you love his music, tell us what his music means to you.

I totally rest my case!

Lotta luv,


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  1. I love the fact that he wasn't afraid to say what he wanted and what better way to express yourself than with music. I also like the fact that he sang about issues which are still controversial many years after.

  2. I absolutely love Fela, he was amazing, the finest musician Africa has ever produced.


  3. Fela speaks his mind, he sang about important issues and sometimes he puts humour in them.. fela is all that..

  4. Fela.. Ahh!
    What's not to say..

  5. d name says it all...a TRUE legend..he really cant be replaced or out a class of his own..

  6. Teacher no tech me nonsense
    You be thief
    Soldier go, soldier come
    Black man in white skin
    Overtake don overtake overtake
    Unknown soldier
    Zombie oh, Zombie!
    The list is endless........
    Fela Kuti. The king of Naija politics. Lol!

  7. OH my gosh!!!!!!!
    I forgot this main song.. but Authority Stealing really got me...

    It was a song that I connected with at a young age..... wow. I can't believe I found it.. I have been trying to find it all this time..

    thanks girl!

  8. Fela..the best of the best

    His legacy lives on!

  9. Fela was the soul of Africa.A very fearless man who spoke ot of the ills that continues to bedevil the continent..He was an enigma,a perfectionist,a man who saw into the future singin words thats are till this day very relevant in our national psyche..i can go on and on...Fela truly lives on.........


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